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Local Flowers

I used to get so excited in February when I saw tulips waiting by the grocery store check out (okay, I still do): a mid-winter hit of spring for only $10 or $12! Then I started to pay attention to my plastic consumption, to think about fair wages, pesticides and land use, and before long I found myself in the middle of Slow Flower thinking. ¬†Just like the Slow Food movement, there has been a shift around the world toward Slow Flowers as well. These are flowers that are grown nearby, that come and go with the seasons, that are raised using sustainable practices. I can definitely ramble about all the “whys” but if you’ve got interest and 4 minutes, take a gander at the video below.

Why buy local?

The Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers (ASCFG) put together this informative and succinct video. Take a look!

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Yard Lending

We are looking to expand our growing space for the upcoming season.

Do you love flowers but have no time, interest or knowledge in growing?

Do you like the idea of contributing to a sustainable small business?

We’d like to increase our urban flower farming space for the 2023 season. If you live around Michael Garron Hospital (Coxwell and Sammon) and have an under-utilized yard with little to no shade that you’d like to see filled with blooms with zero effort from you, drop me a line!

All About

Queensdale Flowers

We’re excited to provide a local source for sustainably grown cut flowers in East York, the east end of Toronto.

Diana's face

the Farmer

Diana Fleming, urban flower farmer & QF founder

After two years of urban flower growing under my belt, I have high hopes and lots of enthusiasm for 2023! I’m expanding our growing space, taking on more bouquet subscriptions, and experimenting with heaps of new varieties of flowers. Follow along on Instagram (@queensdaleflowers) where I’ll be documenting this year’s farming adventures. If you’re interested in volunteering and getting the inside scoop on an urban micro farm, we’d be delighted to show you around. Just fire me a note.

When I’m not farming or drooling over seed catalogues, you’ll find me hiking and watching Nailed It! with my family or searching junk stores for vintage treasures.

black & white photo of crocus with peach overlay

the Farm

An adventure in urban micro flower farming

In its first year, the farm consisted of the front and back yards of my small east end home. For year two, we’re expanding! With two additional yards on loan, we’re excited to see how much more we can produce. The farm consists of a mix of raised beds, containers and in-ground planting, and blooms start to appear in late April, with tulips, muscari, and narcissus. Lily of the valley, allium, ranunculus and anemones are some additional spring favourites. We’ve added snap dragons to our summer mix, along with lilies, iris, gladiolus, cosmos, and zinnias, and we’re delighted to have some the extra space for some lisianthus, and of course, many (too many? Can you have such a thing?) varieties of dahlias.

We’re excited to see what ups and downs this year will bring! You can follow along with us on Instagram, or contact us and get involved with the beautiful messy process!

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If you’d like to volunteer your time or yard, find flowers, or just say hello, here is how you can get in touch.

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