Autumn Subscription


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Our Fall Subscription includes but is not limited to sunflower, zinnia and lots of varieties of dahlias!

Full details below.

Out of stock


Our Autumn Subscription begins Friday September 15th or Monday September 18th and includes sunflowers, zinnias and a wide variety of dahlias.

Please note that dates might be moved around by a week to make sure you get the best flowers available. Monday and Friday are contactless porch pick up at our main location from 3pm to 7pm at Queensdale and Coxwell.

If you cannot pick up your flowers during your consecutive weeks, don’t worry! You can send a friend in your place or we will donate the flowers to Michael Garron Hospital in your name.

We are in the process of determining if delivery is possible for us this year. Let us know if it’s must-have for you!


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